Metamorphosis:  The Inner Beauty Project. Created exclusively for ArtStreet at the University of Dayton.

Chicago based artist Tim Arroyo expands on his Inner Beauty Project, based on an observation of the unwillingness to be photographed and shedding one's outer layer. This inherent beauty is captured through the process of photographing the subject in infrared, revealing a beauty from within. This project was developed to show there is beauty in all people. ArtStreet Gallery; University of Dayton.


"In my opinion, the IR process sheds the outer appearance, to reveal the natural beauty from within. I set out not only to explore the technology, but also to create timeless portraiture. Each portrait is unique, and the light tones produced are reminiscent to a sculptor’s marble block. All of the portraits produced are similar in appearance regardless of natural pigment, which eliminates the lines of inequality, and is a further demonstration of the inherent beauty in everyone.”


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