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Photographs from the Summer Sizzle meet are being sorted and prepared for those who paid for the photography service. Parents will receive an email sent to the address provided on the sign-up form, which will contain a security password to access the gallery when your swimmer's photos are ready. You will need to enter both an email address and a password to access galleries.


Email addresses will NOT be shared.


Photos are continuously being added to the main gallery, so please continue to check back, but the process may take up to three weeks.


From your gallery orders can be placed for high quality products such as prints, canvas prints, metal prints, trading cards and digital files. You can see some of the product options below.


Refund Policy:

I stand by the quality of my photographs, so refunds of the Retainer Fee will only be provided in situations where we were not able to take photographs of swimmers or poor quality photos, which are based on the discretion of the photographer. Parents not liking the photos, angle of view, or stroke; are not grounds for refunds.


Trading Cards Ordering Process:

You may select up to 2 photos [front/back] for Trading cards.

If you wish to purchase Trading Cards please select only the photo you want for the front of the card when placing the order. You will receive a follow-up email requesting details for the back of the card, such as the second photograph, and the swimmer's information. You will then receive another email with a couple of different card styles to choose from.



The section below contains product information and examples of items available for order on the proofing page. You can order any of the products listed below by clicking on a photo of your swimmer, and then clicking on the "Buy Photo" button on the top right. You will find links for all of the products to the right of the photos; simply click on the preferred size, and add the product to your cart.


As a creative and educator; I have been involved in the commercial printing industry for over 20-years, and teach fine art printing in a Commercial Photography program while sponsored by Adobe, Canon, Canson Infinity, and Hahnemühle Fine Art. Therefore, I hold the photographic print in extremely high regard. With social media and smart phones; many people these days prefer to share photos electronically, which is great, but when it comes to longevity and preserving memories, nothing can compare to a print. With that being said; the products I offer here are high quality products produced by professional photo labs with years of experience in the photographic industry, so you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality products.


For those who prefer to purchase one or all of the files; an option is available to satisfy your needs as well. You can also share the photos directly if you like; there is a link under each selected photo to Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Please note that all shared photos will contain a watermark.


Trading cards are available in packs of 25 and can be horizontal or vertical. The cards are double-sided designs with photos you select  on the front and back, printed on card stock. The front will contain the swimmers name and year, while the back of the card can include personal goals, stats, hobbies or a bio provided by the purchaser. Shortly after the order has been placed you will be provided different styles to choose from and you will be contacted on the details to be added to the back of the card.



Each Photo print is printed on Kodak paper, and range from 5x7 up to 24x36. The CWAC logo may be requested to appear on one of the four corners, with the location determined by the  print size, composition and the crop.  If you would like the logo added to the prints simply request it as a message when placing your order. These prints come in your choice of three finishes of Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic.


Lustre: slightly textured surface.

Glossy: smooth gloss finish.

Metallic: high-gloss finish to produce a metallic look.


If you prefer to have your own photos printed; or you want one or all files for personal purposes. You can purchase them as well. Each file will be a high resolution JPEG, suitable for almost any type of output including SPLASH Magazine! Cell phone photos may be nice for personal use, but they do not have the quality to be reproduced in a publication.


The files will NOT contain a watermark, but are embedded with the Arroyo Photography copyright. Therefore, included with the file; you will receive a Print Release to allow you to print copyrighted material. If you have questions regarding files please contact me directly, or see the Q&A section below.


Photos printed directly onto artists canvas, and wrapped around a  solid-faced front  to keep the print flat, at a depth of 1.25". Each print is finished with hooks, so your prints are ready to hang.


Photos which are dye infused into aluminum with a high-gloss finish, which include float mount hangers so they are ready to hang. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and can be cleaned easily – just avoid direct sunlight. These are perfect options for swim photos!




Standard Studio Portrait Session  *$175

This is a standard studio portrait session, whether for swim portraits, or traditional individual or family portraiture. This pricing is for shoots up to 4-people. Location portraits [we come to you] are available for an additional fee.


The Standard Studio Session price includes:

•  up to 1-hr studio session with various lighting and

   background options. Swim suits can be switched and other

   props can be brought along, such as medals.

•  hosting of the images in a secure online proofing gallery for

   print products or file purchasing options.

•  a mobile app with select photos from the shoot.


* Image to the right is an example of a Composite Portrait
   described below [$275].

JUST ADD WATER       * [As seen in SPLASH magazine]

These are levitation-style swimming portraits intended to make your child appear to be swimming in air. This shoot will be tailored to the swim stoke of your choosing. Due to the physical core requirements of holding ones body in a stroke position in order to capture photos, these portraits are recommended for swimmers 8 and above, but are not limited to them. If you feel your swimmer can handle the brief physical stress, they are welcome to participate. I also offer portrait sessions if you would like to have portraits of your swimmer in their team suits or with their medals on various backdrops. All pricing is below.


* This photo of Maya Arroyo was printed in the May/June 2016 Olympic #swimunited issue of SPLASH Magazine.

Just Add Water [left]  $290

This price includes:

•  up to a 1-hr studio session [portraits included]

•  the compositing/retouching work

•  hosting of the images in a secure online

   proofing gallery for print products or file

   purchasing options.

•  a mobile app with select photos from the shoot.




Composite Portraits  $275

These are studio portraits which are digitally placed against a separate in the background. Background photo options include various natatorium photos, or another photo from the Portrait Session [as seen above]. You can select any photo from the shoot to be used as the main image.


This price includes:

•  up to a 1-hr studio session

•  the compositing/retouching post-processing work

•  hosting of the images in a secure online proofing

   gallery for print products or file purchasing options.

•  a mobile app with select photos from the shoot.



Q & A

What if I do not have the password to access my photos?

If you did not receive, or no longer have the email with the password for the photos, I will be more than happy to provide it to you. You can contact me by clicking on the Contact link above, or email me at:  me[at]timarroyo[dot]com. When you contact me, please state the name and age of your swimmer[s] for verification purposes.


Will the "Arroyo Photography" watermark shown on the proof site be on my print?

No. The watermark is there to protect the copyright holder of the photograph [Arroyo Photography], and will not be on your print. However, the logo will display when shared to social media.


Why do you not have photos, or only a few photos of my swimmer?

I make every effort to capture as many photos as I can for my clients, but these attempts can be complicated due to various factors such as but not limited to; multiple clients swimmers in the same heats, lane assignments, swimmers who breathe opposite of camera side [Freestyle], etc. Fortunately there will be other opportunities for photos at future CWAC hosted meets, as well as studio options. Refunds  of the Retainer Fee are available for certain situations.


Why do you charge so much, and why do the prints cost so much?

In comparison to most professional photographers, my prices are actually lower. My print prices are comparable to the cost of those sold at various swim meets. You are paying for my knowledge and expertise in a craft, which I have studied, and taught, for over 20-years. When it comes to prints, I only work with professional photo labs who have built their reputations in working with professional photographers. They only use high quality photographic papers, and have high standards for quality control. In addition to teaching photography courses I also teach color theory, fine art printing and color management, so I know how their equipment works, and how to prepare my files for the highest quality output. One can easily send their photos to local "labs" found in big box stores and pharmacies but they are not professional photo labs, and there is no comparison when it comes to the output I provide, but I will also not force anyone to purchase prints through me, which is why there is always an option to buy files. In addition, the real work of sorting through thousands of photos and organizing by swimmer, begins after the meets end. I can end up working on these photos for weeks using multiple heat sheets.


l ordered digital files, how will I receive them?

You will receive an email from ShootProof with a link to your downloadable file[s] shortly after your order is placed. Please ensure your email address is correct prior to placing the order. If you do not receive the email with the link; check your Bulk/Spam folder first. If you still did not receive the email, contact me and I will personally provide you with the file[s] you ordered.


The print products were damaged what should I do?

All photographic prints products are packaged securely and delivered in sturdy cardboard boxes. Should your prints arrive to you damaged in delivery please contact me immediately so we can get the order resolved in a timely manner. The photo lab will require proof of damages in the form of photographs, so please take photos of the damaged products and text/email them to me to forward on to the lab.


The print products are dark and do not look like the image on my phone/computer?

One of the biggest hurdles photographers face in reproduction of photos in print is something known as Color Management. Fortunately for you I am an expert in CM and digital printmaking, so I understand all aspects of the capture-to-print process. To briefly explain the discrepancies between a screen and a print you want to bear in mind that a screen [phone, tablet or computer] are all backlit and the brightness can be adjusted with a keystroke or a finger swipe. Prints are not backlit, and can not be controlled in the same manner as light, therefore your viewing device can always be set to be brighter than a print, which will make the print appear darker. When it comes to color differences photographers use Color Management as a way to have all devices from camera, computer monitor, and printer displaying consistent color. We used specialized software and devices to ensure this, and I use only the highest quality devices in my CM workflow. Monitor colors drift, which is why I use a colorimeter to retain accurate color on my end, however, if you are not using one there is a chance that your monitor is not displaying color accurately. I've been working with the same photo lab for years, and have always gotten great results, which is why I stick with them, so if you feel that your photos are not correct my recommendation to you would be to view your photo[s] in a well lit space. You will soon see their beauty coming through. If you still feel the print[s] are too dark, then contact me and provide a well lit photo of the print[s] in question, as the lab and I will need to see it for verification purposes.


Why do you charge so much for files?

Many new photographers provide some or all of the files from a photo shoot to their clients, usually it is because they do not know what to do with them, and would prefer not to have the responsibility of dealing with prints. Some clients prefer working this way, where they request "all of the files". For me, the file is my work, as I am the intellectual property owner for the work, and I can not just give it away. There are lots of inexperienced photographers who have no problem doing so, because they are learning and practicing their craft. I've been shooting for over 20 years, my photos are my art and my work. However, I am not greedy, which is why there is the option of 'sharing' your photos via social media directly from the proofing page for free. :)



Front and back card styles.

All works published on this site are the property of Tim Arroyo, and may not be reproduced without written permission.