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I am an award winning photographer, artist, and educator. I currently reside, and operate a studio in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago with my wife Cecily and my girls Maya Rain and Mariposa Sol. I am an active artist in the community, with work also having been displayed [inter]nationally at The National Arts Centre [Ontario, Canada], the Las Cruces Museum of Fine Art (Las Cruces, NM), The Lyceum Theater Gallery [San Diego, CA], the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino [Las Vegas, NV], The Javits Convention Center [New York, NY], The Limner Gallery [Hudson, NY], and the ArtStreet Gallery at the University of Dayton [Dayton, OH].


I have been working photographically and in digital media for over 20 years, starting with the illustration software Corel Draw 3 and Adobe Photoshop 2.0, while a graphic design student and aspiring artist. I am constantly exploring new output methods, and creating new imagery, and will FINALLY complete an MFA in Photography from Governors State University in 2014!


Immediately after graduating from Columbia College I began teaching full-time for the International Academy of Design & Technology in 1999. In 2004 I jumped ship to a sister school of IADT to begin teaching full-time in the Digital Photography Department of Harrington College of Design (Chicago), where I currently teach beginning and advanced digital imaging, retouching, design and print technologies to the next generation of commercial photographers.


My primary area of photography is in portraiture, I love collaborating with my subjects in exploring all levels of creativity, as depicted in the various works I create from straight photos to the conceptually creative. My fine art photos do not conform to any one style, which allows me the freedom to experiment with traditional photographic techniques in a digital medium, interpreting and illustrating visions from dreams and emotional states. I typically create for myself, and am happy if others find joy in the work.


The artwork featured on this website is a collection of works expanding my career as a designer, artist, and photographer.




Tim Arroyo  :)




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